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Project introduction:DeepBiome Therapeutics

Develop corresponding drugs efficiently according to different diseases

The drug development technology of DeepBiome Therapeutics has broken through the traditional and complex process from identifying and verifying targets, determining lead compounds, to processing and modifying lead compounds. By obtaining DNA sequence, reproducing and sorting biosynthetic gene clusters, and obtaining candidate compounds, the technology can design candidate drugs with just three steps. Compared to the traditional drug development process, this technology can save hundreds of times the cost and more than ten times the time from drug development to pre-clinical trial. DeepBiome Therapeutics has been recognized by Novartis Pharmaceuticals and in just six months has helped Novartis find candidate drugs for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and initiated clinical trials, saving Novartis $20-$30 million in cost and 3-4 years in time.

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