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Project introduction


Figur8 Intelligent wear

Figur8 is building the first motion data aggregation platform for capturing, analyzing, and sharing 3D body movement. The cost of high-precision sensors has been significantly reduced, and a design that is easy to track in the field has been developed in terms of size. The multi-functional sensors developed can capture movement of body parts, joints, muscles, tendons, and the whole body, with laboratory-level accuracy. We are developing several key applications in movement training, while giving developers, researchers, and companies the opportunity to innovate on our platform. So far, Figur8 has identified several application development partners, such as the Media Lab Virtual Reality R&D team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Blue Hills with PT, and Harvard Medical School Digital Health. Our goal is to be an operating system in the field of human movement applications, enabling everyone to use the platform to track limb movements

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